Practice right Approach

There are lot many things been said and quoted about the approach. If these many things are already been said then what am I add to it. No, I am not gone add any other definition to it. For me, the approach is the way of looking at a thing, the way of acting on things not reacting to things. I am gone tell you how to practice your APPROACH.

Let me start with one small story, when I joined my previous organization in a sales position I have initially understood in my organization I need to talk to the cross-functional person on a day-to-day basis for the technical part, for order handling, for dispatches, etc. And critical dept we have to be in touch continuously was ordering handling dept and there was Mr. X we all need to discuss almost every other day. As I was new joinee our branch coordinator was discussing with Mr. X on be my half for few days but every time she uses to talk to Mr. X she uses to call me and tell me how difficult Mr. X is to communicate and now I need to start handling him. At the same time, all other office colleagues who were there for quite some time have the same opinion about him that he is very difficult to handle and very rude over the phone. Now being a

newly joined I was every time avoiding calling him and ask my branch coordinate to do it for me. One fine day I said to myself this is wrong I can’t run away from this I have to start the discussion with him. One fine day I called him and with a very normal tone greeted him with his first name and asked help from him for the specific order and finally while hanging up the phone we ended up saying thanks brother to each other. This call took me by surprise and every call thereafter I made to this guy kept on surprising me why does everyone complain about this guy across the sales offices?

When I talked to other colleagues about it everyone was surprised that my work was going so smooth and no argues with Mr. X. When I analyze it I understood everyone in the office has the predefined image of Mr. X in mind that he is a rude guy, he has the wrong attitude and it was so because everyone has his side of say but no one understood Mr. X, salesperson from all sales offices were calling him and everyone has same say to him to look into his order on priority and everyone has the same tone and same reason if Mr. X does not look into it, the sales order will be canceled and it is because of Mr. X.

So who was wrong here Mr. X or the salesperson? And what was that, that I was not getting any trouble from Mr. X? Ans is simple APPROACH. Let me quote two opening statements over the phone and the situation before the call to Mr. X.

Case1: My office colleague calling Mr. X,

I have punched my PO in the system this Mr. X has not taken any action on it I am gone lose the future business of this client due to Mr. X. Let me look into it by personally calling him. Don’t understand why the company still not firing him.

Dial phone to Mr. X,

Salesperson: Hello, Mr. X what is this? What are you doing because of you I am defiantly gone lose this client and miss my yearly targets.

Mr. X: What client you are talking about what business I am not handling only you here.

Salesperson: What is this, of course, I am talking about ABC Ltd who gives us so frequent orders

And I have processed one of his orders yesterday still you ask me which client and what order.

Case2: Me calling Mr. X

Before calling Mr. X I have enquired to my branch coordinator has she processed PO in the system? Have we received any reply from the order handling dept from the plant? Which product from PO generally has an availability issue? And what is the probable reason for that? And what is the process to get these products earlier or can we keep safety stock for this product for future orders?

Me: Good morning X, how are you today. Good time to talk or should I call you afterward. I

Wanted to talk to you about order number 123 of DCA Ltd I have processed yesterday it was regarding product B


So what do you think could be the reply of Mr. X to me and how difficult it will be for me to get my work is done. It is the same thing we are discussing with Mr. X but the approach of my colleague was wrong as he was without giving a thought about anything directly started firing on Mr. X if his approach was right and in a frame of finding a solution by discussing the case properly he could have the right solution and even have same experience as that of me about Mr. X.

APPROACH is looking at things, a way of acting on a thing rather than reacting.

Things to practice for the right APPROACH

1. No predefined mindset

One big mistake we do in day-to-day life is we see things, person result with a predefined mindset.

E.g. I was sure he is gone say no thats why I was not keen on putting effort into him.

2. Always collect information on a topic

As we all know “lilliterate is more dangerous than illiterate” what does it mean? It means before we take any action or talk about the topic we must have complete relevant information about the topic or it will always lead to the wrong direction.

3. Understand how a particular thing works

Every particular thing or work has a certain set of process to go through and has defined

Constraint which cannot be bypass so one needs to study and understand those process and requirement.

4. Analyze

This is the area where we make mistakes always we only think of our desired result and our point of view and call it analysis. An analysis is to put all the information, requirement, and constraints on a table and giving thought to every possible outcome of it.

5. Think of a solution always

Avoid reacting to particular things or situations rather act on them to find a solution for that. Always collaborate than blame or fight.